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Nurul Izati
edited 09/12/23 in Resource Management

Hello, my name is Izati I'm from Malaysia. I'm sending this support ticket to request for a support session via phone call or video conference. 

Bit of background, my company has been using Smartsheet for quite some years. We received a an upgrade business package in July and on29th July, we has sign up for the migration package. Unfortunately few days after, the account representative left Smartsheet

Here are the key decision that being concluded from both email and phone call

1) 13 (+ 1 Free) Business Smartsheet licenses

2) 30 days trial on new license, with net30. Billing will be kicks in end August

3) Access to Pro Support

We have been referred to this link for merging However then we found few unpleasant issues:

1) Our Legacy Resource View features were missing - this was being use heavily in our organisation as resource tracking for our project, which defintely give huge sideback to our business. FYI, we were not being told/advice migration will remove this legacy recourse view. Otherwise we won't even consider the migration in the first place. 

2) 1 of our workspace went missing and not retrieaveable

My team and I have tried to get technical support for these issues via emails, phone calls, and from support article, however both account reps and support rep (which phone number provided by previous account rep, and from the web) can't be reach. The fact that the new account is having Pro Support does not help us much in reaching to your support team. FYI, we tried calling your support center at 6-8am and at 12am MY time, too however not reacheable (probably due to time difference). 

These few weeks has been unpleasant experience journey with Smartsheet as these issues has impacted our business especially on operational perspective. 

On behalf of my company, I seek for your assistance to link us with the right support channel in resolving this issues, or perhaps you could revoke our pacakge to previous plan. 

Looking forward to hear from you at your soonest posibble. 


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Nurul Izati

    Thank you for raising your concerns.

    Legacy Resource Management is not available for new users or new accounts.(See the note at the top of this article: Legacy Resource Allocation with Project Resource View). If an entirely new account/plan was created for you, then this new plan will not have access to Legacy Resource Management as this is a legacy feature that is no longer supported.

    Since this was not clearly explained to you during the migration process, I've followed-up with the Support team to find your submitted ticket and help resolve this for you as soon as possible. They should reach out to you via email shortly.

    In regards to the missing workspace, if you have Pro Support then you should see a phone number in your Smartsheet account: select the Account Icon button, then Plan and Billing Info. The Support phone line accessible from within the app is open 24 x 7, is it possible the number used was for a different line?

    Here's more information: Overview of Smartsheet support hours and resources