Logic in Forms RE: Max/Min Date Conditions

I am trying to build a form that is for tuition reimbursement applications. By policy- applications cannot be received either 30 days before OR after the semester start date. I have a pop up message built into the logic to appear if one of those conditions are met. However, I can get only ONE to work, but not both built into the logic at the same time. The first one renders the second one inaccurate. Example: if I build logic for if the start date = more than 30 days from today - pop up message comes up that the application can't be entered at this point and ends the form. However, if I try to build the next logic state that if the start date = more than 30 days AGO then only the first logic statement is honored but the 30 days past doesn't work. I've reversed these two logic actions and only the first one works and renders the next one inaccurate. Is there a way to create a RANGE? Such as: If (date entered into a field on the form) = outside of x amount of days (before and after date) then show the related statement. If it's not already a possiblitity....it seems to be a suggestion that would be applicable to other's operational needs.