Email address in Form entries


When a user click 'email me copy of responses' in the form submission, is it possible to pull that email address through to the data set somehow?

I can't see that I can see that particular field.



  • Hello @Greg Howell - Usually this field is for People to enter their own email ID (as a notification to any other email ID can be managed by you as an admin from backend).

    If you (can) make the form accessible to only logged in users, then once they tick the "email me copy of responses", their email ID will be auto-populated.

    Alternatively, once form is open only to logged in users, you can even enable email notification from automation, by sending email to "Created By" email-ID.

  • Hi @anuraggogna thanks for the response.

    I am interested in collecting their own email ID.

    We are looking to using this as a suggestion scheme form and not all suggestions will come from logged in users, most wont have a smartsheet account.

    I want to be able extract their own email, so that I can update them with progress, etc.

    Many thanks

  • Hi @Greg Howell ,

    Answering to the best of my knowledge.! Happy to hear from others in community if other options exist.

    No Way to capture email ID without asking a user not logged in, as that would mean sourcing an info without they explicitly providing it.

    So I would suggest, disable the "email me copy of responses", as some may not tick it, and then you would not get to know their email ID.

    Alternatively, put a required field, and ask them to enter their email-ID, and then use Automation to send them any further updates or notifications.

  • @anuraggogna

    Thanks again. I think that's a good suggestion, disable the 'email response' and insert a field for them to type their mail.

    Many thanks