New! TIME function for formulas

Genevieve P.
Genevieve P. Employee Admin
edited 10/09/23 in Product Announcements

Hey Community,

Some of you may have noticed a new function in our Functions List last week…

Introducing the TIME Function!

This returns the time of day in 12- or 24-hour format from a given set of values.


TIME(time_value, [ format ], [ precision ])

  • time_value — The value to create time with. Must be provided as a string or numbers representing hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • format —[optional] Specifies whether the time is displayed using a 12-hour (0) or 24-hour (1) clock.
  • precision —[optional] Requires format to be set first. Specifies the interval of time to return in either hh (1), hh:mm (2), or hh:mm:ss (3).


Please see the function article for more detail and examples of how to use it effectively, and feel free to post your own solutions using TIME() in the comments below.