Multi-Tier Projects

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Hey everyone,

I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how to set up a multi-tier project. Let's say I have a specific workspace set up for a specific project. I am using an intake sheet in my Admin Workspace to create these for each employee using Control Center. Under the project workspace, I have a folder for each employee. Each employee's folder has a "Clients" sheet that I am using as an intake to create another sheet, specific to each client. The client sheets all have the same steps and so can be created with Control Center.

I want to be able to create the Employee Folders in Control Center and use the "Clients" sheet that is created as an intake for the "Client Sheet". I need the Blueprint used to create the "Client Sheet" to be a child of the Blueprint used to create the "Employee" folder. I need it to be able to do this so that I can have dashboards and reports that will update as new "Client Sheet"'s are created.

Any suggestions on how this works. The Smartsheet article on Multi-Tier projects appear to be outdated.


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    @Paul Newcome any thoughts on this one?

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    Hey @Coop22

    The first thing to note is that Multi-Tier is a feature that would need to be configured/set-up for your specific account and Control Center instance, it does not automatically come with Control Center. If you're not seeing options for this in your Control Center build I would recommend reaching out to your System Admin to ensure this feature was included in your plan.

    Once you have confirmed that your account includes Multi-Tier, if your account also includes Pro Desk sessions, you could book some time to walk through your set-up with someone over a screen share.