Dash mesh - blank fields


Hi Community

I use data mesh to feed other Smartsheets into my Master sheet. It's been working really well for most sheets, but there are three sheets that consistently keep breaking links every month or so and neither myself or the source Smartsheets owner can work it out.

We are meshing about 50 columns. Every few weeks about 4 - 5 columns end up blank, but not always the same ones.

You can see from the image below that for no reason the data field 24 from source sheet has dropped out - but not the target sheet field - and then data field 25 has dropped out for source sheet and target sheet. (sorry I could not line up the fields exactly in the picture)

The only thing that the source sheet user does on a frequent basis is move the columns around - could this be the reason for why they turn blank?

Does any one else have this issue? anyone have an explanation?



  • KP1981
    KP1981 ✭✭

    Hi, I don't use data mesh. However, if it's linking to a sheet it could be that the user of that sheet is moving things around. Thus breaking the link that data mesh has with that sheet. Are they changing the column name as well?