"Record No Longer In View" / Apostrophes in Data from Dynamic View

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Background information: I am trying to track allocation percentages of time that employees are dedicating towards a project, so I am having them fill out a dynamic view that has a drop down with increments of 0%-100% for each week (pictured below). The employees do not have access to the source sheet based on sensitive information being stored inside, and their view is personalized based on their email (using the 'restrict view by current user" setting).

Issue #1: When employees are filling out the dynamic view, the data is coming back into the source sheet with an apostrophe in front of the percentage (pictured below). This is causing me to manually remove the apostrophe in every cell so the downstream formulas can calculate. How do I get the Dynamic View to stop inputting the apostrophe?

Issue #2: Some employees are running into an issue when they save their data, Smartsheet pops up with an error that "record no longer in view" (pictured below). The data is still being saved down to my source sheet, it just is added to a new row, not the one with the employee's email which the dynamic view is catered towards. I am able to see who submitted the data from the cell audit history, but I am confused why it isn't just saving to the correct row in the first place. How do I prevent this from continuing to happen?

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    Regarding your first issue, when you see an apostrophe before the value it means that Smartsheet recognizes the data as a text string. I created a test Dynamic View and it did the same thing on my sheet. Now, normally I would just use a VALUE formula in a helper column to convert the text string to a value, but when I try that I receive the #INVALID VALUE error. 🤷

    I'm curious to hear if others have ideas, but to avoid the issue altogether, could you change it to a text/number column formatted as %, and allow users to manually enter the percentage?

    Regarding the second issue, I have never seen that error, and we've used Dynamic View quite a bit. I'd suggest submitting a Smartsheet support ticket.

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    Hi @reganpoppie,

    In terms of the error message, this can occur if the filter criteria is not met in Dynamic view. You may check if there are any sheet filter settings and verify if the row thats is being edited meets the criteria of the filter.

    If the error persists and in order to investigate the first issue, I believe that the better route is to open a ticket with the Support team through the customer support portal  so we can help troubleshoot the issue in a private channel and provide assistance. Please provide the following in your ticket:

    • Email address of owner
    • Screen recording of the steps the users are taking before receiving the error/unexpected behaviour
    • How is the view set up? Screen capture
    • Sheet ID (File > Properties)
    • Dynamic View URL: