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Access & Work Off-line within Smartsheet (Sheet level)


Enhancement Request: Access Smartsheet off-line and allow work to be saved for upload at a later time or once online access is available.

The most common use case is travel (i.e. airplane, passenger in automobile). However, there are scenarios where internet service is compromised (i.e. warehouse buildout, remote areas with bad service, temporary outages, etc.) where this applies.

Need to be able to update meeting minutes, take notes/brainstorm, update financials, update project tasks/schedules while not being connected.

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  • Debbie S

    So many scenarios where this is needed where one cannot get internet access. Google, Microsoft and others have had this kind of functionality for years. PLEASE SmartSheet! Even if it is only the ability to update content in cells as a minimum viable feature.

  • J7hill

    This would be so useful.

    When smartsheets went down recently we had no way of accessing what is vital to the running of our organisation, had offline mode been available we could have worked on that.

  • Andrea Palmer
    Andrea Palmer ✭✭✭✭

    This is crtitical to one of my teams that works in and out of warehouses and buildings without internet service. Please make this possible!

  • AlFurman

    Offline mode feature is a must for remote / in the field teams!

  • k8benn

    I can't believe this isn't possible! This feels incredibly basic. Come on smartsheet! You remind me to save every 10 minutes, to you must have a feature that is allowing you to update in bulk. Especially if no one else is shared on a sheet!

  • BrianD
    BrianD ✭✭✭

    This is definitely needed, fairly sure this worked several years ago, used it while flying and said it wouldn't update until online