How do I make a complaint to Smartsheet


Yet again things have changed in smartsheet world with no notification.

Reports, I don't develop or use them often but they are now becoming useless.

  1. only a licenced user can change a report filter - so if you are reporting on a date range only a licenced user can change this. Meaning I have to go through every month to alter this filter. It didn't used to be the case but was implemented overnight a couple of years ago with no notice.
  2. Now you have to be shared on the smartsheet to see any data in the reports on that smartsheet - this is rubbish. I want external customers to have a report & update a couple of fields but I DON'T want them to see the main smartsheet, even as a viewr, as this is company confidential information

So how do I complain, officially, in the remote likelihood that they might listen, about this.

Sue Rogers

AmerisourceBergen - MWI Animal Health

Business Analyst