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Form Names - Independent of Form Title


My suggestion is to allow forms to have a name that is distinct from what shows at the top of the form. We often use multiple forms for the same event to track which marketing avenue led to the registration, such as Facebook, email, etc. We need to distinguish which form is which when managing the forms but would like that name to be different from the name the registrants see.

For example, the form name in the Manage Forms window could be - Registration via Facebook, or Registration via Email, while the title at the top of the form could be different - such as Event Registration.

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  • Jimmy_B
    Jimmy_B ✭✭✭

    Really need this and seems such a simple thing (I know the apparently simple often is not). The form name can default to the form header but can then be overwritten to be made independent when required.

    I am having to come up with slightly different form headers so it is still vaguely the same but different enough for me to distinguish between them