DataMesh for Parent row value?

Alex888 ✭✭✭
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I have a task sheet with a column called Team (for the team doing the task) plus a column called Task for the task. For each task, teams create subtasks. For the Subtasks, I would like the "Team" column value for the subtask row to be autopopulated based on the Team value of the Parent row.

In the screenshot below, desired behavior: when someone creates a Subtask for Task B, the Team cells (highlighted in yellow for this visual) autopopulate to "Team 1," since the Task Parent value is "Team 1".

I have tried DataMesh to do this, but not having success. Thoughts?

The basic logic I am thinking is: "If row is a subtask and the Team column value is blank, add the Team name from the Parent row to the Team name of the child row."

Work I've done so far...

I already have 2 calculated/automated helper columns that I was going to use to help this process:

  • "Hierarchy" column - has 0 for parent rows, 1 for subtask rows, 2 for subtask of subtask
  • "Team Reference" column: for all rows, returns value of the parent/main Task row - i.e. for Task B, Team Reference is Team 1, for Subtask 1, Team Reference is Team 1.

...but I'm not figuring out how to get the Team Reference value to the Team rows when Team row value is blank. Tried with DataMesh, but no luck.