Program Management: Metrics for RAID Logs

Hi all,

I am working to mature one of our programs by creating a dashboard that encapsulates several types of metrics, but one set of metrics I'm struggling with is our RAID Logs. I am using a Smartsheet Blueprint to spin up our projects and each project has it's own RAID Log to track against. I'm hoping to hear of how others have consolidated their metrics for sheets that can have multiple entries. In my case, I'm hoping to have charts on a dashboard that show RAID Log items count by category, count by project, and average RAID duration (to name a few). Is there a better way to do this than creating individual reports that summarize the data I'm needing for each chart created, such as a report for grouping and summarizing by category and one doing the same by project, etc? The idea being these reports would be integrated into my blueprint as dynamic reports, so new projects are added to the reports.

Hope this was coherent enough for you all to track to :)