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I'm working on a large smartsheet log that intakes customer information.

I am wondering if Smartsheet can do the following using AI/machine learning: Users Update cell, Read cell, Interpret cell, and automatically insert the appropriate option from a drop down menu based on what is interpreted. It needs to be able to learn from the data.

I've been using automation that reads the cell and interprets it for certain keywords using a series of 'contain' and 'is equal to' functions. The automation works okay for simple complaints with a few words but it fails as more information is in the cell since all it is doing is scanning for certain key words and not actually understanding 'big picture' on what the cell description is saying.

Is there an AI or machine learning model that can be used to help facilitate this process? I've learned that Smartsheet is moving towards AI so I'm curious to learn more. Are there are any third party integrations with Smartsheets that can also help with this?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @CalciumMilk

    This is a fascinating idea! Thanks for sharing your process.

    Smartsheet's automations currently need criteria hard-coded in as you've found (e.g. "contains this exact phrase") and we don't have a direct integration at the moment with something that could review text for context and learn.

    That said, you could use the API (or maybe Bridge?) to connect in with another program and update the row accordingly. Here's the API documentation: