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Allow for custom/manual entry of custom email domain


When configuring a custom email domain, the email domain set up wizard only allows you to select a pre-determined email domain, which consists of "smartsheet".+(primary email domain) or "smartsheetmail".+(primary email domain). Per enterprise email policy at Johns Hopkins, automated emails sent from associated vendors may not be sent on behalf of our primary domain. Subdomains are created and follow the format of which are to be used by the vendor.

Enhancement Request: Allow for custom entry of subdomains in the custom email domain configuration wizard, preventing the need to use "smartsheet" or "smartsheet" mail followed by the domain.

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  • Dana Gugliotti

    Smartsheet does not allow a custom domain that would map our large enterprise system of email classifications. We are requesting ability to truly customize the email setting up a custom domain that is similar to (currently we are told 4 email options and they do not meet our standard we use globally). For this reason we cannot setup a custom email.