Can Bridge do this?

Julie Fortney
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My company recently upgraded to Advance (yay!), and I'm evaluating the best way to rework an existing solution using Bridge. Can Bridge create cell links within the same sheet? In an ideal world, here's what my sheet would do:

  1. Managers submit form entries with an assignment for up to 6 team members.
  2. If more than one team member is assigned, Bridge will create copies of the form entry row in the quantity needed to accommodate all team members. For instance, for the entry in Row 2, I need 4 copies created so I have a row for all 5 team members. (I need a row for each team member so I can display the sheet using Calendar App and group assignments by team member.)
  3. When creating copies of the row, Bridge will link data from the Form Entry Row to the copies. Managers can submit updates on Form Entry Rows in Dynamic View. In the example of Row 2 below, if the manager changes the Tech 2 name from Tyler Jones to Alex Dicus, I need the "Team Member Name to Group by" cell in Row 3 to update to Alex Dicus. The same is true for other fields as well. If they change the Start Date in the Form Entry Row, that needs to change in all copies of the Row.
  4. Bonus: I would also love to dynamically add or delete rows if the number of techs changes. For instance, if I removed Rex Thomas from the Row 8 entry and left that column blank, Row 9 would be deleted altogether. If I went back into Dynamic View and added Rex back as Tech 2, a copy of the row with the associated links would be re-added. If this isn't possible, I will just have Bridge create 5 copies of each Form Entry Row.

Alternative: If Bridge doesn't allow cell links within the same sheet, I can create a separate source sheet for managing assignments.

I'd love to hear ideas from others familiar with Bridge!