Data Shuttle Error Message

This data shuttle started receiving this error message recently and I'm not sure what it means. Nothing was changed on the sheet except for 3 additional text fields were added and those are set up properly with the right column properties. I checked all other column properties and those also seem to be fine. Also do not have a column named 4772876141 so not sure what column it's looking at. Any idea what it means?

Error Message: CELL_VALUE_FAILS_VALIDATION: The value for cell in column 4772876141 did not conform to the strict requirements for type PICKLIST



  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers

    Not sure why you are getting the error, but the number should be the column ID. You would need the API to determine which column is ID 4772876141.

    Are you trying to map any data to columns with a column formula set, maybe?

    Maybe check your dropdown columns and change them to text fields and see if that works.