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Safe Sharing Awareness When Configuring Automations


If you have configured Safe Sharing, so that sheets cannot be shared outside of your organization(s), there is an option to prompt/lead users to a custom URL. This could be your own internal company policy or form. We have set up a custom dashboard where we have embedded both the text of our policy and a Smartsheet form to request adding 3rd parties to the safe sharing list.  

However, if a user is configuring a workflow and attempts to send a notification or update request to someone outside of your safe sharing list, they receive this prompt:

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything here that leads them to that custom dashboard. I propose that if the custom dashboard is configured, that the link to the dashboard be presented in the whitespace left of the OK button, and similar to the sheet sharing interface, it would be presented in either a pop-up window or as a new tab

Further, the automation options menu makes no mention of whether your organization has Safe Sharing enabled. A user may attempt to change their Automation Permissions to Unrestricted, and that menu leads them to believe that setting should solve their problem. I propose that if your organization has Safe Sharing configured, that:

  1. The 3rd bullet in the Unrestricted list not be displayed
  2. Instead display a caveat message to the effect of “Your organization has safe sharing configured, which will limit your workflow messages to only users/domains that are trusted.”
  3. If your org has a custom link configured in Safe Sharing, display that link here as well

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