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Dynamic View- Auto Refresh

Currently Dynamic View doesn't have any auto-refresh settings, When working with Cross-Functional teams, and you need to see latest data. This basic feature/capability unavailability is a big hinder in using Smartsheet Dynamic View.

Please consider incorporating it.


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  • This would be a great feature to incorporate, especially having Dynamic view refresh any time an update or change is made on a line. We have several cases in our business that could benefit from this feature! Many changes happen to the grid view in a very short window with hundreds of lines, so having the auto refresh in Dynamic View would greatly increase efficiency in the team's daily work.

  • SteyJ
    SteyJ ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    An alternative method for this, would simply allow form settings to refresh the current dashboard after an entry is made. I believe dynamic view is a separate plugin from smartsheet, so if you want the change you'll have to get smartsheet to implement something like this ->


    Jacob Stey

  • maeure
    maeure ✭✭

    To truly make it Dynamic, it would be great if the Details Form inside Dynamic View updates with fields and values. If a field is hidden but will appear after a selection on the form is made, it would be great to have that field appear after saving and after a refresh on details pane is made. Right now we need to Save and refresh page.