Bridge: Move select columns/attachments/comments to another sheet

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Hello all! I'm looking to see if a Bridge workflow can be done with moving/copying select columns from one sheet to another BUT also bringing their attachments/comments over as well.

I've made a workflow to copy select columns from a source sheet to a targeted sheet but never have the comments/attachment follow.

I have a "Get Row" from the source sheet and select Include Attachments, Include Comments in that element but when I use the "Add Row" element to the targeted sheet I do not see an area to add either attachments/comments until Advance Options.

Neither are considered Cells so I won't have Key#s or Value#s to add, Advance cell section only holds specific cell types.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to get those to follow the specific columns and their comments/attachments to move from a source sheet to target sheet?

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