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Update Notification Bell to Add "Proofing Requests"

Managing feedback for multiple proofs in multiple sheets can be extremely tedious, especially if relying on the large number of emails at your inbox for "Proof Accepted" or "Proof Rejected." Clicking through to each proof only to learn that you are still waiting on others to review, is very time consuming. If not keeping up with emails, is there a better way to manage this? Our suggestion is to create a new tab at the Notification Bell. Right now you have "All" and "Requests." Can we have another tab that says "Proofing Requests" which will show all proofing requests that "you" have sent out? This way the user can see all proofing requests in one long list to check their status. Existing functionality at the Notification Bell can still be in place to click through and have the context expand out from the menu, but this would be an easier method to see all proofing requests in one view. Since this feature was removed from the Home Screen, it has made it difficult for our team to manage these requests. Thank you.

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  • That would help my team manage when and how they spend their time between responding to proofs and other priorities. Could reduce the time checking emails/notifications for those more urgent proofs. Would also reduce the distraction of the notifications when trying to focus. Helping the user respond when they want to versus when a ping comes in.