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Deactivate Automation Per Row


I have a super useful automation triggering on a daily basis if conditions are not met. However, I don't want to annoy the user by pinging them (7) days a week with the same automation since the condition remains unfulfilled.

It would be very useful if I could turn off the automation per row, similar to being able to trigger it on specific rows, except the inverse. Even having the option to run the automation once, even though the trigger I am using repeats on a daily basis.

At this point I have to turn the automation off for the entire sheet so none of my rows can benefit from the automation, and I have to remember to reactivate the automation once I get the output desired from my user.

I could think up a way to have a helper column for example be "checked" once the automation has been sent (1) time, but I have yet to dig into that.

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