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Quick question on setting a Default View when sharing a sheet. I have a sheet that contains employee information that requires quarterly updates. Currently we are NOT sharing the sheet due to sensitive information contained in the sheet. This means a report for each supervisor to edit their employees will not work because the underlying data is not shared. We want the supervisors to only see those employees they supervise.

My question is if I create a default view for each supervisor and share the sheet using the Default View selecting their specific named filter, set it to Grid View are they able to turn the filter OFF once they access the sheet?


Marlana Kalinowski


  • Marlana K.
    Marlana K. ✭✭✭✭✭

    Update : Ended up creating a workspace and had a co worker test this and unfortunately she was able to turn off the filter. It would be a big benefit if when sharing in this aspect that they could NOT turn off filters then I could share this way versus a report and they only see those employees assigned under them.

  • Marcela
    Marcela Employee Admin

    Hi @Marlana K.

    Thank you for sharing your testing steps and solution. You can submit your filters feature request to the Product team by creating an Idea Post in the Smartsheet Product Feedback and Ideas topic here in the Community. This will allow other users to vote on your enhancement idea! The Product team reviews top-voted post once per month and provides a status update.



  • Marlana K.
    Marlana K. ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Marcela,

    Thanks I actually just submitted it. If anyone has any suggestions in the mean time I am open because currently I have created the following process:

    ACTIVE Employee Loss Prevention Master Sheet

    NEW Employee Intake Form/Sheet

    Employee Audit Form

    When a new employee is hired during onboarding they complete the form and it populates the Master Sheet.

    When an employee leaves or is terminated the Supervisor has to Complete the Audit Form using an Audit Reference ID in order to retrieve the employees information through an Update request from the Main Sheet.

    They also use this form for the quarterly audit but they first receive a exported copy of the report to review, then they have to request the update using the audit form for only those employees that require an update to their information.

    Would save multiple steps if we could just share the filter and they could not remove it :)