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Separate Automations from Safe Sharing


At this time, Safe Sharing also restricts automation emails to only the emails added to the safe list.

Wishing we could separate this: We have use cases where we do not want to share a sheet with a 3rd party, but we still need to send them notifications. One example is notifying a service company for ad-hoc service requests, such as cleaning, repairs, or trash removal. Currently I have to add their email addresses to safe sharing, but then tell the users not to share the sheet with them. That is not as secure as we would like...

Also, even if you have set notification permissions to 'Anyone', and even if you have set the Automation permissions to 'Unrestricted, Safe Sharing still overrides any email addresses you add manually to the Automation. This makes sense, but it is not explained on screen or in documentation (that I could find). If you try to share a sheet with someone not in the Safe list, you are immediately blocked, but if you configure an Automation to send to an address that is not in the Safe list, there is no alert or warning until the automation fails.

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