Notifications for Only the Requester

I'm working on a compensation request form that follows these steps:

  1. An HR Business Partner completes the Compensation Request Smartsheet Form that then triggers an alert to our Compensation Manager.
  2. Our Compensation Manager will insert the requested information.
  3. The HR Business Partner will be alerted when the Compensation Manager has filled out the information for their specific request.

My question: Is there a way to create notifications for the HR Business Partner when the Compensation Manager completes ONLY their own requests, not those of every other HR Business Partner?

Please advise! Would this be a conditional rule?

Thank you!


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  • FrankM
    FrankM ✭✭✭
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    Hey @rgardnerLNTH,

    I think you can create a pretty simple workflow. You need a column that identifies the HRBP. The trigger would be "When rows are changed" AND "When HRBP = HRBP NAME". You would have to create a workflow for each HRBP.

    Hope this helps,