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Calendar App - ICS Link for Sharing

Hello - when trialing the Calendar App - it gave me all of the functionality I needed to be able to share a calendar externally. However, I want to be able to integrate this calendar on our secure website. I need an ICS link to do so. ICS links are available if you take normal smartsheet grid and view it in Calendar mode, but you can't properly display the info. By adding the ICS sharing link to the Calendar app, this would solve the problem.

Thank you!

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  • I'm also looking for this functionality in the Calendar App. I'm quite surprised it's not available - yeah the app makes a nice Calendar but I need these dates to show up in stakeholder's Outlook calendars - they aren't going to check a link regularly.

    I'm glad I was testing as building my solution and found this issue before I got too much further into the design of this effort. I'm not even sure I'm going to use the Calendar App anymore - I just assumed it could sync with Outlook.

    I'm using Reports to feed the Calendar App, not a sheet and you cannot publish a Report as iCal. Since the ONLY way to get dates to show up in Outlook is to publish a sheet, I'm just going to make a sheet that's purpose driven for a shared calendar and stop using the Calendar App. It's going to be clunky and have to use automations and probably break at some point.

    My original intent was to use the Calendar App to pull dates from a Report pulling from about a dozen different sheets to make an enterprise calendar - bummed this won't work.

  • This is a significant downside to using the Calendar app. I cannot express how helpful it would be to have the ability to feed to an Outlook calendar.

  • I agree with above, this should be a basic function of this premium app. It is surprising it is not.