Using full stops or commas for numbers

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Good morning, I have a problem regarding the random use of commas or periods when entering numbers in a smartsheet form.

In the Italian version, in fact, if you use a point instead of a comma, the cell is no longer identified as a number but as a text and in the summary counts it obviously gives an error

I know that it depends on the language in the sense that if I use the Italian language the decimals must be entered with the COMMA ( , ) and not with the period, but it happens more and more often that customers continue to use the period and this causes all the summaries in real time.

I wanted to understand if when composing a form, in the formatting of the "number" format just as it is possible to prevent the use of letters if I select "number only", there was the possibility of forcing the user (at least in the Italian format) to use the comma and not the point for decimals.



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