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Enable Smartsheet Automations conditions to build off a Resource Management Placeholder

We have a Smartsheet Project Plan sheet connected to Resource Management through Control Center. We utilize the Placeholders (created in Account Settings in Resource Management) to assign tasks in the Project Plan when we don't yet know the individual who will be assigned to the task. Currently we have automations notifying team members when new tasks are assigned, updates are needed, etc. Utilizing Placeholders creates a gap in these notifications as there is currently no way to either (1) notify the Project Manager if an Automation cannot be sent due to a Placeholder being assigned or (2) notify an individual assigned to manage the Placeholder in Resource Management (this does not currently exist in RM account settings).

In short - Automations should be able to recognize if a Placeholder is selected in the "Assigned To" (aka Contact) column to create an alternative action.

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