Search Function Issue

We have a project sheet for each of our jobs. One team creates a pdf and attaches it to the line in the appropriate line in the appropriate sheet. Another team searches for that pdf. This works great because we have a system for naming. However, the team that searches for the file has two different responses. One team member searches for the file and clicks on the file.pdf search result and it opens the pdf right away. The other team member searches for file.pdf and gets the same results. The click on the file.pdf line, same as the first person, however this doesn't open the pdf. It just takes him to the line that has the pdf attached and he has to click on it. I know this sounds like not much time, but this is happening over and over again all day. I have searched the settings and I don't see anything that could control this. Does anyone know why two of my team members are getting different results when they search and click on the same thing. As an aside, I have verified that they are doing everything the same way and clicking on the same thing. Thanks.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Bobert

    Clicking on the name of the file should bring you to the row where the file is attached, then you can choose to open it up or not.

    However clicking on the paperclip icon on the right should open up the PDF or image directly (if it's a file that can be opened in your browser).

    You noted that they're clicking on the same thing - are they both clicking on the name of the file (that should take them to the row) or the attachment icon? If they're both clicking on the name of the file, can you confirm what browsers they're each using?