Multiple Approvers from ever-changing approval list

My update request needs to go to all employees (approx 100). The list is always changing and it is not feasible to scroll through to double check each employee is still working here or verify new hires. It's also not feasible to click each employee for every new row in my spreadsheet.

I tried forwarding an update request to more than one person but that will still only allow one person to update.

I've created an automation to clear the update response and date to a new spreadsheet so multiple people can respond to the same request.

I just need to solve the "list-serve" problem so I can automatically send it to all employees. Many of these people are not tech savvy and will not be creating an account. I need them to just push an update request button on an update request, not see the spreadsheet link or access anything in the smartsheet spreadsheet.

I can break the contact list into managable contact list sections like "Plumbers", "Electricians"... but I still need a way to automatically include all of the people in the "send" list for an update request.

I have a form that generates a document the approver needs to see. Can I attach this document to a form and send it to my list serve?

Trying to find a work around.


  • Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson Overachievers

    I'm not totally clear on what you're trying to do with the update requests? You're sending an update to 100 people and want all of them to update it, each time?

    As you noted, the only way to ensure that each of the 100 people updates some data is to send individual requests to each person. Update requests sent to a group of people will take the first responder's update which will then turn off the update link for everyone else.

    Perhaps a better method would be to use a report or Dynamic View that is shared to your groups, with columns for each group or even each employee to populate (one column per group or per employee). You can setup a reminder that fires out an alert on a schedule and contains the link to the report, or place it on a dashboard for people to access that way. If you're generating a document that you want them to respond to, you can attach the document to the row and it will be accessible as an attachment in reports or in Dynamic View.