Reminder workflow for past due approval

I'm essentially a nube to Smartsheet (so be gentle please), though I've come up the learning curve some distance. I've drafted an app to track a form thru the approval process.

I'm at the stage where I'm trying to add bells-n-whistles to the app. That includes a reminder workflow to approvers who have not responded to the initial approval request. I've looked thru too many posts, but still didn't see quite the same scenario as mine. I'm hung up on the proper condition to accompany the trigger for a reminder workflow. Here's what I have at the moment:

The problem seems to be that this doesn't capture slackers who are more than 5 days late and continue to lag behind.

How do I structure a condition to the trigger so that every week they get a nastygram if the date the initial request was sent to them is more than a week ago? (I'm being generous, yeah? That first week is a freebie!) That initial date is captured in a column - DateSent1st (as in, 1st approver).

Thanks in advance for furthering my education!


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