Egnyte integration for Data Shuttle

Are there any plans to add Egnyte integration for Data Shuttle? At this time, it is a manual process to add attachments to sheets within Smartsheet utilizing Egnyte. Until this is remedied, Smartsheet will not be an option for a multitude of projects as any interfacing with other databases would have to be done manually.


  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    Data shuttle will always be for bulk import/export of a csv or excel file to map information into Smartsheet or out into a source file. There are no plans to my knowledge to add any feature for attachments other than those two from the current accepted cloud drives (Google Drive, Sharepoint, Onedrive, Box) or physical attachment of course.

    What is the ideal workflow you're looking for @bcappi ?

    I only know a bit about Egnyte (and im assuming your pulling in either a CSV or excel file), but it seems you could have it store the file in Google Drive, SharePoint, One drive, or Box- Data shuttle could point at that file and update as needed. Is there a way you could have Egnyte store the file in one of those locations? Power automate would likely be able to automate that piece if Egnyte can't store the file there automatically

  • bcappi
    bcappi ✭✭

    Hi Tim, My plan is to have our external databases export data files in csv to a shared folder that I would then use Data Shuttle workflows to import that information into Smartsheets. Dependent upon the data, this might require daily or weekly uploads. Unfortunately, we do not have access to Google Drive, SharePoint, One drive, or Box. I will have to take a look at the Power Automate feature within Egnyte to see if this would be a possible solution. Thanks for sharing this possible fix and feel free to let the powers that be know that Egnyte Integration for Data Shuttle has been requested by at least one individual and would be greatly appreciated.