Need help with a master report to create conditions within a calendar.

I am trying to create a master report where it shows vacation days for the team as well as due dates for the projects they are working on. With that being said, I would like for the start/end date to show on the calendar for vacation, but ONLY the end date to show for the projects since they are usually pretty long durations and would take up a lot of space on the calendar. Here is a photo of my report. I don't want the start date there for the projects (in white). Is this possible? ***Note, in this example, I am only showing work holidays. Some of the employees take vacation that lasts multiple days which is why I want it to show the full spread.


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    Hi @Alicia D

    If you have something that identifies whether the row is a vacation or a project then you can use that to create a helper column that contains either the real start date if it is a vacation row, or the end date if it is a project row.

    Then you can use this helper column to create your calendar.

    Here is the formula, if the Primary Column contains a V to signal Vacation.

    =IF([Primary Column]@row = "V", [Start Date]@row, [End Date]@row)

    Here is the example, with the formula in the "Calendar Start Date" column.

    You can convert the column to a column formula and hide it so no one is confused.