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Chart Widget - Reverse X Axis Data

We read left to right in the US and therefore in the US data on a chart is most easily understood left to right. I am after ability to chart ascending dates while maintaining dynamic chart growth from new form submissions.

However, Smartsheet data collection by form is best collected, reported, displayed, used in formulas, etc. by using the "top" row value entry (form setting new entries to TOP of sheet....Row1). This allows dashboard content to dynamically grow/re-calculate formulas/adjust as new entries are collected through form submissions. DYNAMICALLY UPDATE has been handled through for submission recording to TOP row of sheet...this works well! :)

The problem comes when the submissions require a date.

The form submissions when using a dashboard chart widget read left to right from MOST RECENT form entry (row 1) to the OLDEST form entry (say row 50). If these are dates, the newest date appears 1st on the x axis and the oldest date appears last/furthest right on the x axis (see image attached)

I need the ability to have the chart widget DYNAMICALLY UPDATE as new data is collected via form submittal AND to "reverse" the X axis values to show the chart from oldest date to newest date (read from left to right).

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