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"Open to today's date" should include options for this week/month/year/x-weeks

The option should also include to open to:

• start of this week/month/quarter/year

• x days/weeks/months/quarters/years ago

Having the Gantt chart open up to an earlier period will help to get a feel for the current trends. When you are more familiar what happened over the last couple of periods (you lived through them) you can get a good sense on the amount of change in the upcoming workload by seeing the chart past and future.

In my case I am looking at a task scheduler that will be updated every week and discussed in weekly meetings. I would like to always see the previous 3 or 4 weeks and that everyone will get used to it as well. They will always have the option scroll and expand the chart but at least they will start on the same view as everyone else.

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