Not Bringing in ALL items from Sharepoint List

I am using bridge to connect to an existing list in SharePoint. This is part of a bi-directional connection I am making between my Smartsheet and SharePoint. I have been successful in pushing updates made in Smartsheet to Sharepoint. However, when creating the workflow to push updates (for separate fields from the push to SharePoint) I am not retrieving all rows from the SharePoint list . The connection is live, however the array generated for my Child Workflow seems to be capped at 200.

Below are screenshots of the simple Parent Workflow at the moment as well as a capture of the data array captured with the 'Get SharePoint List' module. According to the SharePoint module reference, I should be capturing ALL rows (as I am not applying any filters to the data).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey @plbc

    Thanks for the tag and the kind words!

    I've actually seen this before (here) - this has to do with how the Sharepoint API sets up its default pagination. The first page of results is 200, which is why you're seeing a cap at that number. (Here's a thread about this in the Microsoft Community).

    The module that Bridge has set up only uses the default Sharepoint API, so there isn't a way to set a different page number or increase the results per-page in the Bridge module.

    I would suggest using the new API utility instead of the Sharepoint Get List module to be able to get all of your list data in one Array.