DataTable Connection fails to transfer records when filter conditions change due to time passing

Neil Egsgard
Neil Egsgard ✭✭✭✭✭
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Some or all DataTable Connections do not automatically transfer data to the destination sheet under this condition:

  1. Filter: <Field name> is greater than <#> days from today
  2. Today the filter shows no result
  3. The next day, the sheet shows no data but the filter shows there should records transferring.

If you manually refresh the DataTable Connection, the records transfer.

Have been talking to support for 70 days, since Nov 17 2023, with no resolution. Had to do about two months of self troubleshooting and follow ups before they would believe it as an issue and investigate. Apparently it affects multiple people from multiple organizations. It appears that function in DataTable Connection has failed and remains failed.

Here are screen shots of the conditions.

Actual DataTable Connection setting showing no rows to transfer for today

Today in the screenshots is Jan 24, 2024.

Note there are no records on the sheet in the background.

Setting showing rows should transfer tomorrow

Today in the screenshot is Jan 24, 2024.

Note there are no records on the sheet in the background.

Screenshots from the next day. Filter shows record show transfer but the sheet is empty

Today in the screenshots is Jan 25, 2024.

Note the empty records on the destination sheet in the background.


Neil Egsgard