Problem with keeping shared status on templates

edited 01/27/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I have created templates for very basic task list sheets that we use over and over. (I save them as templates by creating the sheets and then clicking SAVE AS TEMPLATE.)

Before saving them as templates, I shared them with my boss and set up automations for both of us. When saving the template, I check the box to keep automated workflows and to include recipients and permission settings.

When I use the templates to create new sheets, the new sheets are not shared and the automations send an error saying "a workflow has become invalid."

So here is what I am looking for... I need a default setting for every single worksheet I ever create to be shared with me as owner and my boss as admin. I haven't found anything that lets me do this. We have different lists in each SmartSheet so we need multiple templates to keep from recreating the same starting sheets over and over again, but they ALL need to keep the sharing status and automations. It's too easy to forget to go back in and add my boss whenever I create the sheets. This seems like a simple thing.

Any ideas?