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Send upbatched workflow update requests OR allow saving of each request separately

The inability to send unbatched update requests is something our org needs. Right now I can't send a workflow on a daily basis requesting a cell update because I need to include a placeholder. Putting those tags in the email would prevent batching, but also prevents me from running the workflow on anything except "when triggered". If a user receives a batched request to update several rows and opens the request, they have to have ALL of the info for each row in order to complete the update. There is no ability to just enter the information they currently have for those rows and save it and go back to it later because upon submission, the workflow link expires. Also, when testing, if they only fill out the information they know and submit, the information they filled out does NOT appear on the sheet AND the workflow link expires. I've been searching for a workaround and I've seen lots of others doing the same in the community, but there have been no solutions except to buy addons. Keeping the batching would be fine if we could save each request separately. Thanks for your consideration.

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