how do i update the 'action tracker' status column from the action tracker updater sheet

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I want to make a system where not everyone can see my action tracker sheet. What can I do to ensure that the status column can be updated to whosoever the action has been assigned to without them having to see the full sheet


  • Jason Tarpinian
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    From the way you're asking the question, I'm assuming you want them to have 0% access to the sheet (could you build a report and just share the report to them?). So the simplest version would be to set up an update request automation, if you have a locked column on the sheet, the field could show up in the request as read only, unlocked fields would be editable. So you could say every time I check this box, or every X days or whatever send out an update request.

    If you wanted to go another level into craziness, you could set up a second sheet with only data they would need to see/change, and build cross sheet formulas (INDEX/MATCH) to feed data to the other sheet, then another cross sheet formula back to your sheet pulling in the status data that you need. Kind of a brute way to build a really ugly 'report' 😁

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  • zow

    sorry for the late response, I was able to solve the problem shortly after your question was a pointer to what I needed to check.

    Thank you