@Mentions in Dynamic Views in WorkApps

I'm wondering if anyone has any good solutions for this case.

We have developed a ticket system in sheets that filter to a report and then connected in a dynamic view. We add the dynamic view to a WorkApps that is partner facing. Partners are only shared to the WorkApps to see/work the tickets. They can edit certain cells, see attachments, change status', etc in the dynamic view. As it sits, if they aren't shared to the underline sheet, you cannot use the popup of "@mention ability" in the WorkApps, see image below.

Through testing in the same above case, if a user is only shared with the WorkApps and you can manually type their full email address like so "@[email protected]" and hit space, the text will change color and the email @mention alert will still go through to that user, see image below.

This is the current direction my team is working with, it's not ideal but we are working with it. I'm wondering if anyone has any other insight or thoughts on a workaround for @mentions on dynamic views to front facing partners outside your company? WorkApps and Dynamic View are such wonderful tools for showing only specific assets, editing certain cells, etc. however when trying to keep all communication in the row, it falls short.

Which takes to me to my final point, even if you share the underlining sheet or not, all the email alerts for @mentions will have links to the source sheet and not the WorkApps or Dynamic View in the WorkApps. This causes a lot of confusion and incorrect clicking of links/access requests, especially for front facing to partners who don't work in Smartsheet daily.

I'd love to hear others thoughts on this and ways you work through this if you share assets outside your organization and having users communicate in them.

Thank you for your time,


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