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Automation at the workspace level (Link sheets to workspace automation)

I would like a way to setup one automation that is used on all sheets within a workspace. All of the sheets in the workspace are the same and are used to track information for different employees. Currently I need to change the approval process to remove one group. That group will now receive a notification only. In order to make this change, I need to open and modify the automation for each employee sheet (approx. 30) which increases the risk of human error in missing an item like one of the rejection paths.

Essentially link the sheets to the same automation that is created at the workspace level. Then any changes to the automation are quick to implement and no risk of inconsistencies or errors on the employee sheets.

 Use Case: The workspace contains sheets that track skilled learning for career growth. There are set skills to be learned within each department. Although the skills are different for each department, the sheet layout is exactly the same. Once the employee has demonstrated competency of the skill, the approval process is started by entering the completion date for that row. Approval is required from the Lead, then Supervisor, then Manager, and then Training. When all four have approved, the row is marked complete. Any rejection notifies the previous approver.  

The change to be made on each sheet is to remove Training as an approver and add a notification to training when all approvals (Lead, Supervisor, and Manager) have been obtained. 

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