Better Trend Graphs

Darcy Gibbs
Darcy Gibbs ✭✭
edited 02/07/24 in Smartsheet Basics


I have several metrics I report on each week that would be best displayed by a trend line. Currently, each is in a dashboard with a bar graph showing the current totals, but a trend line would better show how projects progress.

I have created a graph for a one of my metrics based on the status of the projects. Each project has it's own Gantt sheet with all of the pertinant information to that project, and a report summarizes the total of active projects flagged 'Red', 'Yellow', or 'Green'. I can easily display the bar chart shown, but in order to display a line graph I have to manually enter these totals into a separate sheet, (shown), each week to create the line graph shown. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to automate this type of bar graph.

I have several other similar metrics I would like present trend lines on, such total types of active projects and total projects in different phase gates to show load on different departments. I thought data mesh or a sheet automation would be useful because both can be scheduled to run weekly, but those efforts have been unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance!