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When creating a new multi-tier blueprint and selecting "linked to a parent project" on the 'Blueprint Basics' screen, after I get through answering all of the other questions and get to the 'Blueprint summary' screen, I don't see my Rollup/Summary sheet as an option on the "Blueprint Summary Sheet" drop down. The Rollup/Summary sheet is located in the workspace I created, within the Portfolio Sheets folder which is in the Portfolio folder. What am I missing?

Thank you!


  • AravindGP
    AravindGP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @detsh

    The default list shown is the list of assets that are in your Parent Blueprint folder. If you've the summary sheet stored elsewhere, you can select the last option "Select a Program Summary Sheet" and pick the sheet from the search bar that appears on selection of this option.


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