Why can't I turn off pre-populated timecards?

Jenna S
Jenna S
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This is an issue with our auditor that we are pre-populating timecards for resources. How can I turn off this functionality?


  • Bassam Khalil
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    Hi @Jenna S,

    In Smartsheet, pre-populated timecards are often a result of automated processes or integrations that are set up to streamline time tracking and resource management. These pre-populations can be due to templates, formulas, or Smartsheet connectors syncing data from other systems. If you're facing issues with pre-populated timecards and need to adjust or disable this functionality for compliance with audit requirements, here are steps you can consider:

    1. Review Automation Rules: Check if there are any automation rules set up that automatically fill in the timecards. You can modify or remove these rules to stop the pre-population.
      • Go to the "Automation" menu in your sheet or workspace.
      • Look for any rules related to time entry or pre-population of fields and adjust them accordingly.
    2. Check Template Settings: If you're using a template that pre-populates data, consider customizing the template to remove or modify these pre-populated fields.
    3. Examine Formulas: Sometimes, formulas might be used to auto-fill timecards based on certain criteria. Review and adjust these formulas as needed.
    4. Inspect Connected Apps or Integrations: If you're using Smartsheet connectors (like those for Salesforce, JIRA, or other systems), they might be configured to sync and pre-populate timecards automatically.
      • Go to the "Integrations" section within your Smartsheet account settings or look for any external services connected to your Smartsheet.
      • Review the settings of these connectors and adjust the data mapping or syncing rules to prevent unwanted pre-population.
    5. Consult Smartsheet Control Center: If your organization uses the Smartsheet Control Center, it might be managing project creation and pre-population settings. Contact your Smartsheet admin or the person managing the Control Center to adjust these settings.
    6. Contact Smartsheet Support: If you're unable to find the source of the pre-population or need more specific guidance, contacting Smartsheet support can be a helpful next step. They can provide targeted assistance based on your account and setup.
    7. Review Resource Management Configurations: If you're using Smartsheet for resource management, check if there are any configurations or settings within this feature that may be contributing to the automatic pre-population of timecards.
    8. Policy and Permissions Review: Ensure that your sheet or report permissions do not inadvertently allow automated entries that you're not aware of. Adjust permissions as necessary.

    Remember, the ability to adjust or disable pre-populated timecards will depend on how they are being generated in your specific setup. It may require a combination of the above steps to fully address the issue to meet your auditor's requirements.

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