Increased Plan Insights Discoverability on Admin Center, now generally available

Lekshmi Unnithan
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Hi Community, 

Many SysAdmins have told us that they are unsure about the difference between the Unlicensed User count on the Admin Center home page and the Internal Collaborator count in Plan Insights (which are two completely different entities). This has also led to confusion when the Unlicensed User and Internal Collaborator counts don’t match.

Furthermore, we’ve received feedback that many of our customers haven’t discovered or used our Plan Insights offering because its entry point is buried among multiple widgets on the Admin Center homepage. And for those SysAdmins who have used Plan Insights, many of them weren’t aware of the availability of the Advance Capability reports due to the additional navigation that was required to access it.

To solve these issues, we revamped the Smartsheet Admin Center home page. First, we removed the Unlicensed User count from the Admin Center home page and updated the styling of the remaining Licenses Remaining, Licensed Users, Groups, System Admins, and Group Admins counts to better match Plan Insights design. Please note: SysAdmins can still use the “unlicensed user” filter from the User Management screen.

Next, we repurposed the old Account Summary section by bringing Plan Insights into the main Admin Center home page. You will now see a simple variation of the assets and workspaces chart from the Plan Usage report in Plan Insights, as well as a snapshot of the Advance Capability reports right on the Admin Center home page. That’s not all! We’ve made it so that you can easily navigate to the corresponding Plan Usage or Advance Capability reports with just a simple click. 

These changes are available for customers on Business and Enterprise plans in the Commercial US and Commercial EU instances of Smartsheet. Get started by visiting the Smartsheet Admin Center!

Learn more about the Smartsheet Admin Center by reading our help article.

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Lekshmi Unnithan

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