Creating an automation to notify someone of how many days an apartment is vacant



I have a sheet that identifies how long apartments have been empty in our building, based upon when keys were returned to our office. I've been tasked with sending out a once-a-week notification to our ED that will let her know what apartments are currently vacant and for how long they've been vacant. I have two parent/child categories that include "Vacant/Available" and "Renovation," where child categories of empty apartments would reside. Sometimes an empty apartment is being renovated for "pre-sale," but is still considered "vacant." The only constant between the two parent categories is that we indicate "N/A" if the child apartment is vacant with no reservation (see screen cap).

The automation I've attempted (but is NOT working), is to set the trigger for Mondays Where anything under the "Apartments" column has the letters "N/A" in it (see screen cap). Can someone please suggest something that might work for my needs? Was I even close?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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