Add date to one cell, re-posted in multiple cells in the same sheet


Hi All-

This is probably a dumb question, but I'm new to this program and its logic. Apologies if I'm using the wrong terms. I'm only using the program because the client wants to, and 'customer is always right'.

Basically I have I column of production dates, nested in tasks (maybe 60 lines in total, 5 tasks). What the client wants is: that instead of having all the nested start dates being different (which makes sense) they want a separate column where they type 1 date into a cell and every subcategory of phase 1 us updated to the same start date. And another cell for phase 2, and every task under it will be updated to the same start date. The tasks have different durations, otherwise I'd just delete every sub-task.

Also, this Start date will also be referenced by a duration column to create and end date, so it might still have to stay in Date format??

Apologies for the rambling, I'm a forester by trade who knows Excel and R and I'm trying to put that logic into Smartsheets and a regulatory client...

Thanks in advance!


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    How about they enter the date on the main row and all the nested subtasks (aka children) update?

    That requires a simple:


    The Date column must be formatted as a Date Type column. Then you can use it in the other calculations.


    I type the dates in the green boxes and the formula in the white ones.

    If you want the date to be entered in a different column the adaptation is:

    =PARENT([Enter date here]@row)

    Both columns must be Data type.


    Again, I type the dates in the green boxes and the formula in the white ones. The benefit here is the formula can be dragged down the entire column (or you can convert it to a column formula).