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I've been doing research and reading various articles in the Help & Learning Center and I'm still not 100% sure what the key differences are between WorkApps and Portfolio WorkApps created through Control Center. I know WorkApps without SCC or a Portfolio WorkApp using only 1 Blueprint can not be a multi tiered structure. Other than the multi tiered structure, what are the other differences between the two?


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    WorkApps is the general tool, Portfolio WorkApps means you've integrate WorkApps with Control Center.

    With WorkApps, you can create a WorkApps for any Smartsheet document you have access to. Throw in a random sheet, a miscellaneous report, something from 5 different workspaces, another Calendar... it doesn't matter, go wild! Need to share, go into edit mode create roles and start manage sharing!

    With Portfolio WorkApps, a lot of the steps are done automatically for you based on your blueprint. It will automatically create the roles and pages you assign through specific blueprint components. If you have contact lists on the intake, Portfolio WorkApps can automatically share those contacts to specific roles. Lastly, at least from what I can think of right now, Portfolio WorkApps is a single app (only appearing as a single icon on your WorkApps home page), that includes a special launch page like below. Where you will click on the "Program Name" in your WorkApps home, and you get a project list like below, as long as you are assigned a role to each project.

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  • Trang Turtletraxx

    When you create workapps with a single tiered SCC blueprint, is that considered Portfolio Workapp?