Jira Tickets that have been overwritten during a Jira Connector Sync Error

edited 02/27/24 in Add Ons and Integrations

Hello All,

Today, I started receiving abnormal Jira connector sync errors on a workflow that has been working for over a year. I may have received 7-10 or so. The workflow eventually timed out, and the sheet it wrote differed from what it was supposed to look like. This means it pulled in data from other sources in Jira that I didn't need or want. When all the dust settled, the connector overwrote or changed labels on some 80 tickets without being told to. That said, can the Jira connector restore what it was NOT supposed to overwrite? We now have some 80 tickets that need fixing, and we need to know what the original labels were before the sync error. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.