Identifying successors of successors (and so on...)

edited 03/08/24 in Formulas and Functions

Current status: I've successfully generated a "Successors" column, listing direct successors of each row, using the following formula:

=JOIN(SUCCESSORS([Task Name]@row), ",")

Current roadblock: My "successors" column only shows direct successors. I'm looking to create a column that lists ALL successors, all the way up the dependency tree (e.g. successors of successors, successors of successors of successors, etc.). Let's call this column "Genealogy." Any support with this formula would be greatly appreciated!

End use case: My end goal is to create a filter where I can enter a row number (let's call it 'n'), and my sheet will display ALL rows that include 'n' in their "Genealogy" column. This would essentially display the critical path to row 'n', all the way up its dependency tree.


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